Gas/Liquid/Solid Reactor

The market situation:

More than 20% of chemical reactions in pharmaceutical production are under high H2 hydrogenation pressure. Because of the flammability of the H2 gas, industrial scale hydrogenations are always very hazardous processes.


Generally speaking, the product Pressure*Volume must be less than 80. This leads to the implantation of a large scale hydrogenation units on industrial plants often resulting in a classification as upper tier Seveso facility. The continuous flow implementation of chemical reactions is characterised by an increase of the surface over volume ratio while providing with a higher mass and heat transfer, and a better productivity. However, hydrogenation are often heterogeneous catalytic processes, and the management of solid catalysts in a continuous way is very difficult.

Our solution:

With a big experience in hydrogenation processes, the IPSOMEDIC team developed and industrialised a continuous Gas - Liquid - Solid reactor which is able to work at high temperature, high pressure, and with a high catalyst loading. This apparatus proved its efficiency in several industrial hydrogenation for the synthesis of pharmaceutical drugs.


IPSOMEDIC is now working on the implementation of other family of high pressure chemical reaction.