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Innovation is a situation you choose because you have a burning passion for something.

- Steve Jobs

Our one and only goal: INNOVATION.


As chemical experts, our purpose and passion is to help and assist companies to take advantage of the most recent, efficient, environmental-friendly and innovative technologies for the production and the purification of pharmaceutical compounds. Our expertise focuses especially on continuous flow processes.


Continuous flow processes allow for:

  • A high increase of the ratio Surface over Volume of the units leading to a drastic reduction of risks (continuous flow processes are inherently safe)

  • Better heat and mass transfers and thereby, a better productivity

  • Costs reduction (CAPEX and OPEX)

  • A drastic reduction of the environmental factor (waste, energy)

  • An easier scale up using a numbering up strategy (copy/paste of existing units), hence more flexible processes

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With our many years of experience, we help you solve manufacturing process problems and promote innovation within your organization.

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