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Continuous Precipitation

The notion of polymorphism is very important in the pharmaceutical world.


What is polymorphism?

As it can be seen with snowflakes, a same chemical molecule could be generated in a solid state in different kinds of crystals (called polymorphs), each with distinctive bioactive properties. As a result, the control of the polymorphism is crucial in the development of new drugs. This is usually done by seeding. Moreover, pharmaceutical substances being more and more actives, a need for a perfect control of the size of solid particles is essential.

Our solution:

IPSOMEDIC developed an innovative tool for the continuous crystallization of active pharmaceutical compounds with a perfect control of the polymorphism, without seeding and with a very restricted and precise size distribution. This apparatus have been used to crystallize antiepileptic and analgesic drug and could also be used for protein purification by precipitation.

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