Ipsomedic was created in 2019 with the idea that so many innovations can be made in the pharmaceutical world to make this industry more sustainable without impacting the health of patients.

Ipsomedic has a wealth of knowledge and expertise in both biological and chemical processes. We utilise this experience to provide companies with quality and innovative products in continuous process in order to better serve patients.

Our different solutions allow pharmaceutical companies to produce in a greener, more efficient, and more secure way.


Meet The Team

Maxence Holzritter

Head of R&D

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Edith Lecomte Norrant

Founder & CEO

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The whole team

The R&D team is composed of Nathan Michel (chemical engineer, PhD student) specialized in hydrogenation processes and Fauna Carivenc (engineering student intern)

Herin a picture of our former whole team, during the containment period.


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